Never Lose Your Gear Again (Gear Labels)


Spring orders have been sent to the printer!

Next order 6/15/2024. We'll have driven up from Seattle and will be back in Alaska for good! Woohoo!

*Feel free to order now--there's a chance I'll get a batch together this spring. If not, they'll come to you this summer. Happy adventuring and happy spring!

Because you asked (and asked again), I'm offering gear stickers!

A bulk order is the only way to make printing cost-effective, so I'll need groups of 12 to order before I send the designs to the printer.

Because I'm printing these in bulk, it's impossible to split designs or contact info in a single order. However, many couples use last names and double phone numbers to share an order. Thanks for understanding!


Size: 2" tall by 1" wide. I put the name and contact information on either the bottom or top so that you can easily trim the stickers to put on very small items (such as carabiners). I use the mountain part for sealing envelopes and other decoration.

Quantity: 125. Enough to add to your climbing rack, Tupperware, art supplies, ski gear, water bottles, mountaineering equipment, packrafting accessories, and chargers.

Material: Durable, weatherproof, UV-resistant vinyl that lasts (pretty much) forever, resists scratching, and has bright, beautiful colors. Mine held up to a winter on the Pika Glacier (after which I had a snow picket returned), the dishwasher (all my Tupperware and lids) and whitewater trips (though my paddle is still MIA somewhere down Six Mile). I've seen people put them on shoes and cloth goods with varying success.


Write the information (name, email and phone number) you want to be on the sticker and email I'll send you a proof before the stickers go to print. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL so I can send you the proof. If you use Paypal, it will delete the comments. Please email me the sticker information at

The story: In May of 2018 I did a volunteer ranger patrol on Denali with the wonderful rangers. It was one of the best weeks of the year, and there was tons of gear. Climbing gear, skiing gear, cooking gear, personal gear, books, thermoses, and rescue equipment. Keeping track of all the different pieces was a huge effort, except for Katherine. She had handy name stickers on all of her items that said her name and phone number. She said they had more than paid for their worth because she had so much climbing gear mailed back to her from all around the country.

Since I love stickers, I took the idea and ran with it. I made colorful name tag stickers for the people who watch my dog, lend me their inReach, or do other similarly lovely things.

Stuff I would have otherwise lost:
Water bottles
Car keys
Ski poles
Ski helmets
Snow pickets
Insulated coffee thermos
Climbing carabiners

...and more.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.