Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I've been doing art since I was a little kid, and, frankly, I can't stop.

I grew up in a log cabin near Kenai Lake in Moose Pass, Alaska, and am currently transplanted to (and in love with) Anchorage. I work in illustration, where I'm delighted to make quirky ideas come to life, whether it's the Mountain Man of Alaska calendar, books on packrafting safety, or illustrated maps.

I'll use any excuse to create art, especially when it’s with an amazing community. My approach isn’t very glamorous, but I prefer it that way. Proof? I work as a rope access welder across Alaska, have chalked up many sidewalks around Anchorage, and am available for whatever quirky illustration and design projects you can throw at me.

Reach Sarah at sarah [at] sarahkglaser [dot] com.

Mail payment to:

4303 Needle Circle

Anchorage, Alaska 99508