Personal Commissions

I take on a limited number of personal commissions.

My original work is either acrylic (on canvas or paper) or watercolor ( on paper).

Original Map Art

I love drawing maps and mountains, and am always pleased to hear ideas of places I should feature. Feel free to contact me with your favorite spots!

Custom mountain and map pricing is determined by size.

8”x10” - $700

11”x14” - $900

16”x20” - $1,400

20"x30" - $1,800

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations include original artwork + design work for the invitation. I reserve the right to the base artwork or map, unless we negotiate the price to include rights.

Custom illustration for wedding invitations start at $800.

Tattoo Designs

I do not draw custom tattoo designs. Since I'm not a tattoo artist, I cannot ensure that a design will look good or hold up over time. You are welcome to ask a tattoo artist to adapt one of my illustrations. All I ask is that if you post the image on Instagram you credit @Glacier_Lines.