Process and Pricing for Businesses

Interested in working together?

First, you'll email me with your project requests and specifications. For example, "I need a book cover for the new Alaska Ice Climbing guide by September. I'll also use the artwork on fanny packs."

I'll respond with my availability and a projected price. We'll chat on the phone if I need more details.

Unless the project is very straightforward and/or we've worked together before, I prefer to work on an hourly rate. That way, we can adapt the scope as you figure out how you want to use the work.

Small Projects

For projects involving a single illustration (i.e., a book cover or a custom illustration), I'll estimate the price and keep track of hours as we go. Usually a project doesn't exceed a budget unless there's indecisiveness about the design ("I need a moose...oops, let me see a caribou") or expansion of the scope ("can we do two color versions?") I'll let you know if that is happening.

Large Projects

For books, branding packages and longer-term projects, I offer a discounted hourly rate. I'll keep track of my hours and bill you at the end of each month. I can give you an estimate along the lines of "A $5,000 budget will give you approximately 50 black-and-white drawings of people demonstrating crevasse safety." I'll let you know if we're going over budget or if the scope has expanded past what we originally discussed.

Example of idea development for Alaska Public Media's holiday card, below.


If you're a small business or non-profit illustration, the rights to the piece will be specified (i.e., illustration for 2021 Holiday Card for Alaska Public Media) and included in the above pricing scheme. You own the illustration to use for your business in the ways we specified, but you can't turn around and sell that illustration to Nike.

Original art is not included; often the process is partly digital and partly on paper, so there's not really an "original" to give to you.

I have the right to share artwork on my social media and website. I'm proud of my relationships with businesses across the state and will credit you whenever I can.

Initial Sketch

Alaska Public Media

Black and White Version

Alaska Public Media

Color Design

Alaska Public Media