Steve Heimel

Steve Heimel

June 01, 2016

Steve Heimel was a longstanding reporter at Alaska Public Media (and Alaska Public Radio Network, among other places, before that organization existed). As one of the leaders and personalities of the organization, his retirement was a celebration of his countless contributions over 54 years on the radio. I did this illustration in honor of his impending departure from the organization. (If you want to learn more, the Alaska Dispatch News did a great tribute.) 

Often seen biking through Anchorage with a helmet over his flowing hair, this illustration depicted his colorful character.

Client: Alaska Public Media for 11x17 poster

The illustration has also been used by Bike Anchorage, which advocates for trails and responsible development around Anchorage. Media: Vector Illustration

Credits: Source photograph taken by myself for Bike to Work day promotion. 

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